Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Color Photos

I took this photo for my color project in my backyard with a mask I recently purchased for an upcoming masquerade ball. I chose this mask and the ice-plant in my backyard on purpose. I was going for a contrasting color scheme, so i knew i needed something green to go with the red. I was also going for a kind of a mysterious looking piece but it didn't turn out that way. If i could change one thing i would turn the contrast down a little, or maybe a lot. 

When we were assigned this color project (my class and I) food coloring and a glass of water was my first idea. I liked the fact that the picture came out different every time because the way the food coloring mixed with the water varied every time. the way i set this up was extremely complicated. I got a white piece of paper and placed it on my microwave and then placed the glass on top of a bowl and a book. As for the camera, i placed a book then a bowl, and then another bowl down to hold it. To support the lens, i used garlic. I pretty much used whatever i could find in my kitchen.

In order to make sure i got pictures with different color schemes, i dropped the food coloring in the water in different orders as well as quantities. As you can tell, in this photo, i used more red and blue than green and yellow. For some reason, this photo reminds me of a coy fish, or just fish in general.

This photo was half intentional and half unintentional. I attempted to splatter the food coloring on a trash bag and photograph the streams of color, but I didn't like the outcome, so, I tried it with the piece of paper i used from the food-coloring-glass-of-water picture, and this is the outcome. I just let the splatters fall where they wanted. This was a fun one. 

This was half accidental as well. As you could imagine, working with food coloring all day, some of the dye got on my hands. I was thinking of other ideas for pictures when I looked down and saw my hands. So I intentionally put my hands all over the piece of paper with all the food coloring on it and took about 40 pictures until I got one that was decent. This was the best of the bunch. If I could change anything, i would change the background because I feel like it takes a lot away from my hands. Maybe I could have stood in front of a blank white wall so my hands and myself stood out  more. Also I would turn down the vibrance just a little.