Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Surrealistic Me

This is my surrealistic me project consisting of three photos I have taken. I honestly through this together in five minutes but i guess it came out alright? I like the wolf in the background and I like the set up and over all feel, but I would have smoothed out the edges on the picture of my boyfriend more. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 18, 2013

 This photo was taken at an abandoned barn i was taken to in Valley Center, CA. I really enjoyed coming here. It was incredibly peaceful and absolutely beautiful. I am aware that this photo is a little out of focus but i think thats why i like it. Also i really like the bokeh from the suns rays in the top left corner of the photo. 

 This was my favorite photo of the day just because I love the way the barn looks so abandoned and i really like the rich colors of the area as well as the time of day i took it. 

 This was a spur of the moment photo of a mailbox i happened to pass on my way back to my car after taking pictures of the barn. I like how the clouds have some detail as well as the wood of the mailbox.

I decided to go on an adventure with my friend and my cousin through mast park right around the time of golden hour and i was able to get this shot of the trail. 

This is another photo i got of the trail that my friend decided she wanted to be a part of. I really like the colors and the way the fish eye frames the photo. I used a flash in this one and i regret it because of the dark shadow in the bottom middle of the photo but i was unable to view the photo on my camera at the park. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Glass Cloud/The Charriot @ The Epicentre, November 7, 2013

Glass Cloud
 Jerry Rough, vocalist for Glass Cloud. 

 This was my first time experimenting with a fisheye lense. Unfortunately, due to the darkness of the photo I had to lighten it up, which causes it to have a lot of grain
 Josh Travis, guitarist for Glass Cloud. I really enjoyed his energy and playful personality
 While taking photos, he proceeded to pull me out on stage with him, and while I was shocked and scared and made myself look like an idiot, he always stayed in character and helped put on an amazing show. 
 Another photographer set up a flash on the left side of the stage and because i was on the right, i was able to get this shot of Josh right as the flash went off. 
 This is also a shot from Glass Clouds set. I like this photo because it captures the crowd and the fish eye adds a great effect. 

The Chariot (Final Show In San Diego) 
 Although this was my first and last time ever seeing the Chariot, this was one of the most exciting bands to see play. They put on an amazing last show in San Diego and definitely went out with a bang. 

 Josh Scogin, vocals. 
 I experimented with flash in these photos as well and in this photo, i love the light on Brandon Henderson's dreads.

I didnt leave very many photos in color for the fact that because the lighting was so dim in the original photos, but i barely touched this one. So which ones do you like better? Color or black and white?