Thursday, October 17, 2013

Action Photojournalism

This photo was taken at a hardcore show in a small venue called The Che Cafe, located in La Jolla, CA. This photo was taken of Jay Sunkes from the band Stigmata. I was able to get right on stage at this venue and shoot inches away from the band. Your eyes are automatically drawn to the fingers playing a cord because it is the only part of the photo that is actually in focus. Other than the grainy quality, this is one of my favorite photos. By looking at the photo, you could think is is a number of different music genres, and i think that the feeling of this photo is up to the viewer and their opinion.  

This is the photo of Bob Riley, the front man of Stigmata. I like the lighting in this picture because the shadows amplify his expressions. I also like how he is almost isolated and everything else in the photo is barely noticeable because of the lighting. His face is one of the first things your eyes are drawn to because of the lighting, composure, and expression. 

This is Brendan Yates, the vocalist of Turnstile as well and the drummer for the hardcore band Trapped Under Ice (TUI). This is one of my favorite photos for a number of reasons. For one, the lighting accents his muscles and his facial expression. Also, you can see the sweat on him, indicating that he is putting his all into this show. And of course, his facial expression gives a lot of emotion to the picture and almost tells a story. Because he is the only thing in the photo you are immediately drawn to him. Personally the first thing i see is the sweat on him. 

This is also one of my all time favorites. This is also a photo taken during the band Turnstile . This photo tells a story as well because of the intensity between the crowd and the band. It is impossible to catch the amount of energy in a photo but i feel that this one does a pretty good job. You can see the intimacy and the passion between the performers and the fans, and i believe that it makes this a good photo. 

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