Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Photo Story

 On Sunday, October 6th. My mom and I went to visit my disabled aunt, Veronica, in her adult care home, and take her out to Octoberfest.

 Veronica almost never gets to leave her bed because of how severe her disability is. Today she is able to see more than just her room walls

 Veronica's home is just down the street from where Octoberfest is held. Both my mom and I pushed Veronica about a half mile up the hill.

 When we finally arrived, the situation only got more difficult due to the amount of people and obstacles we had to overcome such as screaming children, bumps, and of course the people.

 After an hour, it was time for Veronica to be rehydrated, but unfortunately, it was extremely difficult to find a place to stop and do so.

Finally when we got my aunt back to her room, we sat her in front of the window with a nice breeze and recapped on our days adventure.

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