Thursday, October 3, 2013

HDR Photos

I took this photo on the way to my moms house in Bonita, CA. Its a little old horse barn on the side of Briarwood Rd. I had to do a little bit of sneaking around because it is on someones property as well as hop a small gate. I pass by this barn very frequently and a long time ago it used to have a little paper that hung off the fence that read "Rest In Peace Chewy" along with a picture of a horse, so i assume it used to be home to an old horse. I honestly love this barn and, personally, I think its beautiful. 

I originally went looking for a run down trailer that this homeless man used to live in on this trail I used to play on when i was little, but when I got there, the trailer was gone. So, I continued down the trail and out of the bushes and found this. These wood pieces looked like they used to be a structure of some kind long time ago. It only took me a few shots to get this photo and it was completely unexpected.

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